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      Senior International Team


      Published Papers


      Software Copyright and Patents


      National and International Science Cooperation

      Advanced Sequencing Platforms

      We provide sequencing data with high quality, stability and speed generating from the most advanced large high-throughput sequencing platforms, winning trust from enterprises, institutions and personal customers.

      Three Large Platforms with One-stop Service

      CloudHealth provide one-stop sequencing solution from sequencing to bioinformatics analysis.

      PacBio Sequel
      HiSeq X Ten
      NovaSeq 6000
      PacBio Sequel

      PacBio Sequel brings unprecedented all-round test for genome information and realizes the completeness and uniformity of sequence covering.

      NovaSeq 6000

      NovaSeq 6000 adapts to projects of any genome, any sequencing method and scale. It is a breakthrough innovation that unveils another phase of sequencing.

      Hiseq X Ten

      HiSeq X Ten with extremely high throughput and stability, offers genome sequencing extraordinary cost-effective experience.

      Accurate Genetic Test

      We provide information of tumor medication, genetic predisposition, immune therapy and clinical research including to assist doctors in finding the best recipe.

      Overall Management of Cancer

      An overall management from the early detection, treating, relapse and prognosis to realize precision medicine of cancer.

      Genetic Big Data Center

      With more than 700 CPU computing cores and over 5PB storage data resource, we have founded a genome reference library of 20,000 people, an accurate medical repository for Chinese people.

      Big Data Management of Health

      Based on our own platform’s data accumulated, we provide all-round health management for Chinese from disease risks, medication guidance and nutrition genome suggestions.

      Big Data Center

      CloudHealth provides quick and precise health management for individuals with its tremendous accumulated data and nearly live multi-dimentional integrated data analysis.

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